Hello world! – Once again…

Unfortunately I had an issue with my previous hosting in that my blog just got deleted and lost a series of comments and posts which I will try to recover and re-post them here – for now I did manage to restore info I had from my latest backup.

It’s weird to revive this blog… but certainly good to be back! Tons of memories come to mind, on writing the posts, comments and samples I have shared with some of you back then. I had forgotten how good it actually feels…

It is in fact amazing how much has changed since my last post back in August 2010 and how life itself has changed on me! From the C# and WPF focused me of the past you will likely be seeing me  blogging more on managing Software Development than actual coding – of course one never knows, once you are in love with programming there is little you can do to avoid betting back in the code, even if for a little while only! It is what it is… once you are Inspired by Software!

Stay tuned, let’s have some fun together! 😉

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